Daily press review

During daily press review, printed and online press coverage, radio and television is monitored with pre-determined keywords and a complex press review is provided on news and political decisions affecting the sector in question. Daily press review helps selecting news affecting the existence and communication of your company from everyday flood of news.

Daily press review enables you to identify and immediately react on determinative news affecting your company.

Weekly and monthly press review

In case of a weekly and/or monthly press review an analysis summarizing daily news, also considering communication aspects. This analysis also helps creating internal and management reports.


Daily and weekly/monthly press reviews is carried out based on with pre-determined keywords applied for reviewing media and for identifying news and reports in printed and online and radio and television programmes.


Press review is recommended to include: date of publication, source and short summary of content of the leading news from the analysed period. On demand, based on a later discussion, the importance of the different pieces of news can also be rated.

Media analysis

The main aim of media analysis is to provide a full overview of the media coverage in a certain period.

It makes easier to overview contents released and to monitor the success of communication.

Periodical analyses enables us to compare media communication with data from earlier periods and it shows the strengths and weaknesses of communication to provide a good starting base later on to create a communication strategy for company on the longer run. Media analyses may especially focus on the negative coverage affecting the company, which of these and to what extent the customer may have met, what arguments have dominated the daily media etc. to enable us to properly prepare for the possible answers.

The primary advantage of this analysis is to make corporate communication consciously easier to plan and, through objective feedback, aims and results can be determined based on measurable data. It is of highly importance to base our communication on a strong basis and its guidelines shall not be determined based on impressions and superficial information only but for all this a regular media analysis is a must.


The first and most important step is determining the sample i.e. deciding the scope of information, articles and news that our analysis will be based on. The sample to be analysed may include all pieces of news in printed and online press and radio and television programmes which have of affect the topic or topics determined by the customer. The length of the analysed period may be determined without any limits meaning that weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-year and annual analyses can also be carried out as well as certain campaigns can also be analysed case by case.

After determining the sample, the analysis can take place. The unit for the analysis is a single press coverage that is analysed and assessed based on several aspects. The report includes the number of publications in total and as per media types, the tone and length of articles and news, the efficiency of passing on the desirable main messages. Advertising equivalents and reach data also may be included if necessary.


The report contains the textual interpretation and analysis of the previously determined press coverage, the data of which also shown in graphics and diagrams or, in case of more complex set of data, organized in tables. The report presents the media image of the analysed period and, in case of a longer period of time, changes as well.